Savory Sourdough Flat Breads

These flatbreads are SOOOOO good! You can get creative and put anything you want on top. You can slice them into wedges, like a pizza or into rectangles, like bread sticks. Any way you slice them, you will enjoy their savory goodness. I used 50% freshly ground whole wheat using my Mockmill 200. It may not look like I used 50% hard white whole wheat in the formula, but since 125 grams of the sourdough starter was white bread flour, you need to add that to the total amount of flour.

Savory Sourdough Flatbread – Teresa L Greenway – All rights reserved worldwide.

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Vigorous 100% Sourdough Starter

Incorporate Ingredients into a Shaggy Dough

Shape your dough:

Move Dough with a Large Peel

Use a Variety of Fresh Herbs, Spices and Seeds for Toppings

Melted Garlic Butter/Herbs, Parmesan and Basil Leaves

The Dough Puffs Up During Baking

A Little Bit of Everything

Finished Loaves

Beautiful Bubbly Interior

I hope you have as much fun baking and eating these Savory Sourdough Flatbreads as I did!

This is an excerpt from my formula, Savory Sourdough Flatbreads – you can find the complete step by step formula and a lot more on my baking membership site: The Baking Network

I look forward to seeing you there!



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