Countdown to NEW Sourdough Baking Course Launch!

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I wanted to launch my new online course, “Sourdough Bread Baking Experiments,” this coming weekend, the last weekend of June. However, I am flying to the “Udemy Live,” convention where I have been asked to be a speaker. So instead I will shorten the launch and it will happen on Thursday June 23rd, that is only four days away! We will do a countdown everyday until Thursday when the new course will launch. So don’t forget to check back each day this week! Share with family and friends too!

For our countdown, I will post two of my courses here at a special discount today, three more on Tuesday and then the rest on Wednesday.  On Thursday the new course will launch!

Those on my newsletter email list will have an email sent to them during launch with even a lower discount for the courses. So be sure to check your email!

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Discounts last until July 5th! 

All courses are online, at your own pace with lifetime access. Certificate awarded upon completion. 


Edited to add the NEW course, Join my new sourdough baking course here for $29.00:Sourdough Bread Baking Experiments” 


Sourdough 101


This is a $20.00 course discounted to $12.00:  #1 Sourdough Bread Baking 101 – $12.00  





This is a $50.00 course, discounted to $29.00: #2 Bake Artisan Sourdough Bread Like a Professional



Skinny Baguettes


This is a $50.00 course discounted to $29.00: #3 Bake Classic Sourdough Bread Like a Professional


Butter Crumb Cornbread


This is a $40.00 course discounted to $25.00: #4 Old Fashioned Sourdough Baking



Best Bagels


This is a $20.00 course discounted to $12.00: #5 Bake the Best Bagels





This is a $20.00 course discounted to 12.00 for the launch: Learn to Bake Magnificent Challah


Sourdough Pizza


This is a $20.00 course discounted to $12.00 for the launch: Make the Best Pizza


Thursday, June 23rd – Launch Day!: Check back for new course launch on Thursday, June 23rd!

Check for early winner codes, they are hidden in the post as links


Bestcover250My e-book, Discovering Sourdough, which is four volumes and 400 pages will be available for only $10.00 everyday during launch. Click here to access.


All of the discounts will auto expire on July 5th

Happy Baking Everyone! Teresa

Video clip from the new course:


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