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Brod and Taylor Proofer

I am often asked where I get this piece of baking equipment or that one. I have done a few posts on singular items but no posts on an inclusive list of baking equipment I use or want to use. ūüôā

These are mostly Amazon links and I am an affiliate. It won’t cost you anymore to use my links, but it will help me out. Also, if you pull any live link to your desktop and use it as an entry portal every time you use Amazon, I will be credited a small amount and lots of small amounts adds up to large amounts and then I can get my kids bigger clothes (they don’t seem to stop eating) ūüėČ

So here goes:

KD-8000 Baker’s Scale

Scale – this is the most important piece of baking equipment to me. Yes, I can bake without one, but it is like communicating without using words. Baker’s speak to other bakers through the scale. My hands down favorite affordable scale is the KD-8000. You will need to program it when you get it so it doesn’t do an auto shut off (!!! what? I just measured half of my flour!!!) and please get the ac adapter that goes with it so you don’t have to worry about batteries. ¬†It has mult-baker’s languages like metric, standard and even baker’s percent. I keep planning to do a video to show everyone how to program the auto shutoff and how to switch between modes, tare and also use the baker’s percent function. Click on the picture to see it on Amazon.


Baking Stone

I use the heavy thick Fibrament Baking Stone, you can order one that fits your oven. It’s awesome and I don’t have to worry about it breaking as they will replace it if it somehow does.


Roasting Pan Lid or Bottom

Roasting Lid/Cover¬† ¬† Get the largest roasting lid by length that you can, don’t get one with the handles sticking up but sideways instead. Use either the top or the bottom, whichever is deeper. I also like to use a large rectangular one like the one below. You can also use a large stainless steel bowl turned upside down and screw a heat proof knob or handle on the bottom.

roasting pan

Dutch Ovens

Almost any Dutch Oven will work but a lot of bakers like Lodge cast ironware. 

Dough Folding Trough/Box 


I did a whole post on this item here. ¬†I own a 6″ and a 4″ deep trough/container. They both fit into my Brod and Taylor proofer.

Here is a link the 6″ deep container: 6″ deep

Here is a link to the 4″ deep container: 4″ deep

Here is a link to the lid that will fit both 4″ and 6″ sized containers: Lid fits both¬† ¬†or¬† this one.

Black Walnut Lame

My favorite lame is the one handcrafted by my son. He sells it on King Arthur Flour site, also Food 52 and Amazon. It is very beautiful and now comes with a thumb guard. If you don’t want to purchase it on Amazon, you can find his site here:¬†

Grain Mills

I use two mills for grain grinding, the one I find indispensable for grinding from fine flour all the way to a coarse cracked grain is the new Mockmill 100 and 200: You can view a video on it here:

Grain Mills  The other mill, one I like for high volume great fine flour and that is the Kitchen Mill:

Bench Knife and Bowl Scrapers


My favorite bench knife is the OXO but I have a few and use them all. I prefer one with the rounded grip just because it feels better. Some work better than others for cutting butter but since we are not cutting much butter ( I did a lot of butter cutting when I worked in the bakery) it doesn’t matter too much.

Bowl Scrapers are nice when you want to clean sticky dough out of your bowl or even your hands.


Various styles ( you can also cut one out of a coffee can lid in a pinch).

Cambro Containers

I’ve been using Cambro containers for years. I love the 2 liter/2 quart size for keeping my sourdough starter (it’s the one you always see me use in the videos). The larger sizes are wonderful for bulk fermenting or keeping larger amounts of dough or storing your flour.


Dough or Pizza Peel

I just have to have a peel. When I bake at someone else’s house, I find myself using the back of a cookie sheet or whatever I can find to move my dough. I like to use peels for that. Any peel that is large enough and has a nice thin blade or board will work. Avoid thick peels if you can, they can’t easily scoop up a loaf, unless you are adept at moving proofed dough manually.

Tiger wood peel

 Baguette or bread flipping board:


Thick oven mitts

There is a huge variety of Kitchen Hot Mitts¬†Make sure you get them good and thick and if you can get the longer ones, so much the better as your arms won’t end up looking branded, like a baker’s arms. ūüėČ


Bannetons/Baskets  I did a separate blog post on this subject, just click on the link for more info.


Large silicone spatulas and wooden spoons/paddle

spatula   paddle

It’s great to have at least one really good spatula and wooden spoon or paddle for mixing dough. I have selected two that have really strong wooden handles.


Here’s one style¬† (click to see)

Here’s another cool looking couche:¬†


I love using my couches when I want to make baguettes, batards or any of the lengthwise loaves. They are also great for laying out bagels etc.

If you have an industrial sewing machine or a good serger, you can buy marine canvas to make your own couches, that is what I did.



Everyone who knows me know how much I love my Brod and Taylor dough proofer. I would rather put my money into the proofer rather than a dough mixer. I use my proofer for various steps in bread making and I also use it to make Greek Yogurt.  The second image of the proofer shows how it folds for easy storage. Anyway, I LOVE MY PROOFER!

Cooling Grates/Racks

Often overlooked, but you really need a cooling rack for your baked goods.


Sharp Bread Knife

This¬†Wusthof Knife ¬†is a 9″ blade at a great price- Sharp beautiful, super quality! Yay, I finally found one I really like!

Wusthof bread knife

There is a 10 inch blade that is almost twice the price but you can find it on Amazon if you do a search here: 10″ blade Wusthof

Digital Timer

This is my favorite digital timer, you can even wear it around your neck! Polder portable digital timer.

 Cutting Boards 

Interesting cutting boards that you can have engraved with your bakery logo:

Cutting Board

Wisconsin Cutting Boards  Use the code NWSD at check out for a $10.00 discount.

Dough Mixer

I had/used several dough mixers, Electrolux Assistent, KA, Bosch, Blendtec, etc. in the past. I let them all go in favor of dough folding. But if I had to get another one, my favorite was probably the Electolux Assistent with it’s dough “roller.” Some of the other mixers were great for cookies and pastries, etc, but they were too fast/rough for bread dough in my opinion or too small or….whatever. Mixers are like an addiction, you always want a bigger, stronger and better one. Would I like another one? Possibly someday, but for now, I have my handy dandy mixing trough that I like just fine. ūüėČ

Edited to add, I now have a Professional Kitchen Aid, it isn’t the best home mixer, but it works great for the price. This particular model has the strongest motor of all of the home KA mixers at one horse power. ¬†I find I need one for various reasons as I get older.

Kitchen aid mixer

¬†If I’ve missed any equipment you want me to talk about, just drop me line or comment below.¬†


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