Wheat Potato Bread

Wheat Potato Loaf

I wasn’t able to get this bread entered into Bread Baking Day # 17 , which  features breads made with potatoes. Susan from Wild Yeast inspired me with her entry of Roasted Potato Bread, but I was too late, too busy to get it submitted in time. However, I thought I would share it anyway…

Wheat Potato Bread has a nice sour tang, a crisp yet softer crust and a nice soft crumb. This recipe will make two nice sized loaves.

Around 1:00 pm in the afternoon,  add to your mixer:

Ingredient Volume2Loaves



Bakers %

Sourdough Starter-166%

2 cups

18 oz

510 g

46.1 %


1 cup

8 oz

226 g

20.5 %

Evaporated Milk

½ cup

4 oz

113 g

10.2 %

Brown Sugar


1.5 oz

42 g

3.7 %

Mashed Potatoes

½ cup

4 oz

113 g

10.2 %

Melted Butter


1.5 oz

42 g

3.8 %

Whole Wheat Flour

1 ¼ cups

5.3 oz

150 g

13.6 %

Bread Flour

6 cups

27 oz

765 g

69.1 %

Salt (add after autolyse)

4 teasp

.8 oz

22 g

2.0 %

Total Dough Weight

4 lb 6.1 oz

4 lb 6.1 oz

1987 g


Total Flour Weight

2 lb 7.1 oz

2 lb 7.1 oz

1107 g

100.0 %

Total Water Weight

1 lb 9.1 oz

1 lb 9.1 oz

711 g

64.3% hydration

Mix together on a medium speed, all ingredients except salt, just until incorporated, this takes about three to four minutes. Then allow the dough to autolyse (rest) for 20 minutes.After autolysis, add the salt and mix dough on low speed for one more minute. Now let the dough bulk ferment (which means the first rise after mixing) for about 6 hours.

After bulk fermentation, pour out the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead a couple of times, then gather into a ball. Divide the dough into approximately 2 pieces weighing a little over 2 lbs each. Shape and place in bannetons and cover with plastic bags. Refrigerate the dough overnight. In the morning take out the dough one by one 30 minutes apart. Allow the dough to proof for one to two hours or until done proofing.

Preheat oven (and roasting lid) to 450F/232C degrees. When ready to bake, turn dough out onto peel, glaze and/or sprinkle with sifted flour and slash. Place dough onto hot baking stone and cover with preheated roasting lid (you don’t need to spray if you have glazed or floured the top of the bread). Bake at450F/232C degrees for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, take off the roasting lid and set the lid on top of your oven.
Turn down your oven to 400F/204C Continue to bake for another 10-15 minutes.
When bread is nicely browned with a hollow sound when you thump the bottom or registers 200-205F/93-96C on an instant read thermometer, take out the bread and place on cooling rack. Put the roasting lid back into the oven and heat the oven to 450F/232C before baking next loaf. Cool Potato Bread completely before slicing.
Glaze– add one Tablespoon of dried potato flakes to ¼ cup of boiling water, stir, take off heat and cool. Use this glaze for brushing on your loaf before slashing. You can also sift flour over the glaze before slashing for a pretty loaf.
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Wheat Potato Crumb

I will submit this to Susan’s Yeast Spotting at Wild Yeast. If you haven’t seen Yeast Spotting yet, check it out! http://www.wildyeastblog.com/category/yeastspotting/



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