First Sourdough Bread ! Beginners lessons…

My wonderful nephew, Ray, who is 13, is staying the Summer with us.  Ray decided he wanted to learn how to bake sourdough bread as he saw me baking up a batch during the week. I took out the wonderful Australian starter and refreshed it, then Ray and I had a great day. After we mixed up the dough and it was sitting in the mixer for 1/2 and hour, he came and looked at it and said, “It is not raising.” I told him it would take about six hours and did he ever look surprised. I then expained to him how sourdough works. Here is Ray working on the shaping of the dough:

Ray and dough

shaping dough

shaping dough

three loaves

Finished loaves

Ray with favorite loaf

Here is what the cut loaf looks like:


Aussie sourdough crumb

The Australian sourdough very good, and has such a different taste than the other sourdoughs. It still amazes me that some people think all starters taste the same. It’s like saying all cheeses taste the same. Jeesh! My husband still likes Australian sourdough the best, as it is a bit milder than some of the other starters, while I like a sharp sourdough. Anyway, as you can see, Ray is very happy with his first try at baking sourdoughs!


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