Soft Wheaty Sourdough

The dough after shaping.

I have a person in my family that prefers soft white bread. I have tried a couple of times to mix up some soft white bread with just a little bit of whole wheat flour added, and some heavy milk (1/2 & 1/2 milk). Each time, I had trouble because I  expected the dough to ferment in the regular time. This time I went along with the dough’s schedule. The first bulk ferment was over seven hours. The second proofing was four hours. The dough rose very slowly. To my great surprise, the bread came out wonderful! I wasn’t able to get the loaves into the oven until 7:00 pm, and we were watching Frankenstein, so my pictures of the finished loaves aren’t too good as we had all of the lights turned off !


Here are the loaves after 3.5 hours proofing:


I slashed down the middle, and poured melted butter over all of the tops:

poured melted butter

Here are the finished loaves:

finished loaves

finished loaves

Here is the bread sliced:

sliced bread

The long wait was worth it! And my picky person is very happy!


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