Super light Rye

I like working with Rye flour, adding a small amount to the different doughs, watching it transform an okay batch into a light springy, wonderful loaf. Rye has pentosans, which can cause gumminess in larger amounts but seem to be responsible for improving the flavor, fermentability, and quality of the dough and the ability of the dough to absorb and hold onto water. I read somewhere that bakers in Europe often add a small amount of Rye to their dough to improve the quality of the dough. I made a dough that had a cup of Rye to a batch of dough having nine cups of Bread flour, so you can see the amount was pretty small to call it even a “light Rye” maybe it should be called a “White Rye”.

Whenever I add Rye to my dough, the dough is softer and more “jellowy” feeling. It is light, bubbly and the bread resulting has a deep wonderful color and heavenly smell.

I made a sponge using part of the Rye and next day used the other 1/2 cup. The dough rose beautifully and here is the result:

White Rye



The recipe made a nice soft crumb and chewy crust. It is a very nice sandwich bread and has a terrific smell and flavor.


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