Aussie Malt (brown sugar) Raisin Loaf

I am working on a new recipe for the "Special Recipes" folder. It is an Aussie Malt (brown sugar, {see what I mean down below}) sourdough loaf. I wanted to come up with a tasty, denser breakfast wheat raisin loaf. So using the Australian Starter, I utilized about half whole wheat and half white flour and sweetened with dark malt syrup. However, I had a very long wait for proofing. Aussie Bill reminded me that diastatic malt syrup can impair the sourdough's ability to raise if you use too much(which I did :)) I used to know that, a little bit is great, too much impairs, kinda like using too much cornmeal in a bread recipe. But it sorta slipped my mind. Anyway here is the dough right after mixing:

raisin dough

After a first proof which took 6.5 hours and still had two inches to go, I went ahead and knocked the dough down, shaped, put on raisins and dusted with cinnamon:

rolled out

When I rolled it up, the flour underneath the dough spiralled into the loaf which wasn't desireable:


Here is the dough in the pans:


Here they were next morning,out of the fridge, after three and a half hours raising:


They could have used another hour raise time. Here are the loaves out of the oven:

browned bread

Here is a loaf cut open while still hot because the smell was driving  my children nuts:


You can see the flour from the bottom of the dough which spiralled into the loaf. Well, what I would do different is: Use brown sugar instead of malt, or part malt and part brown sugar, wipe off the flour from the bottom of the dough when I roll it up, and bake while my children are out of the house! Just kidding about the children part! The bread is gloriously, wonderful smelling and tasting! It toasts great, is tasty with butter or cream cheese and is lacking nothing for perfection except a greater rise. I am definately doing this recipe again!



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