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 “Learn to Bake Classic Bread, Artisan Sourdough.” (Course 2)

This new sourdough baking course is the second course in the series of sourdough baking courses hosted on These courses are at your own pace, online and accessible for your lifetime. You will get a certificate upon completion.

Followers of my site have access through this discount code link: Learn to Bake Classic Bread, Artisan Sourdough.” for only 59.00 instead of the full amount of 99.00.

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The breads you will learn to bake are as follows: (All are sourdough)

This is for course 2 only. There are many other breads to learn about in course 1. See here.

  • Classic Baguettes
  • Dragon Baguettes (from Baguette dough)
  • Ficelle (From Baguette dough)
  • Soft Sandwich Loaf
  • Basic White Sourdough (blister crust, large holes)
  • Modified White loaf
  • Flaxseed Heaven
  • Mill Grain Loaf
  • Old World Miche
  • Country Hearth Bread
  • Fendu Loaf (from Country Hearth dough)

At the beginning of each course is a review of the basic fundamentals for baking with sourdough including how to make your own sourdough starter and motherdough pre-ferment. I also run through subjects like, sourdough history, baking equipment, what an autolyse is, measuring, baking with steam, baker’s lingo, baker’s percent, hydration and other areas of interest for the new baker and the professional baker looking to review sourdough techniques as well as the hopeful small farmer’s market baker.

Come and join in on the fun!




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