Basic White Sourdough Bread

I mixed up a batch of Basic White Sourdough Bread using the recipe on my site at  I had changed the hydration level to 73 % by adding a cup more of flour to the recipe to make it easier for newbies to handle. I think it may need more flour for newbies though. 73% is still a pretty wet dough for those new to sourdough baking. But if you perservere you can get some nice bread with a basic sourdough white:

Basic White

I mixed up the batch yesterday and bulk fermented it, shaped and refrigerated overnight, then I proofed and baked this morning. I still have some trouble slashing the boules so they won’t crack. It is usually too shallow and it cracks or too deep and it spreads too much and doesn’t get much loft. I slashed too shallow this time:


cracked boule

Here is the crumb:


I did up three loaves with the other two being shaped in the bannetons. All of the loaves were a little over two pounds each.

two more basic



I had really great success with the baking stones this time because I put another stone under the one that was always getting too hot. The bread did very well and I am happy with the results. After the bread cooled completely, in the evening, I had another piece and the sour came through. Earlier when it was still slightly warm, it wasn’t sour. This evening it is perfect with a delightful sour tang…. just the way bread should be.


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