Breakfast and Lunch Pockets, Foldovers..Whatever…

I wanted to make up a soft hearth bread, you know, as opposed to a lean hearth style bread. So I mixed up the following formula and baked a loaf of nice hearth bread, it was softer, like I wanted, but still has a chewy crisp crust and tastes delicious. The only problem was that there was about 40 oz of dough left, and I did not want to bake up another loaf of bread. So…

Thinking about my last post which was about “Man Bait,” I decided to be creative and come up with something else men would like. I have two grown sons nearby that are really happy about these “Man Bait” experiments (or I should say failures, leftovers, what the heck do I do with this dough now… etc).

Soft Chewy Hearth Bread..AKA… Breakfast/Lunch Foldover Pockets…AKA..Whatever!

To obtain a stronger gluten bond, mix your starter part of your water and flour into a thick dough before autolyse (then add the rest later).

Pre autolyse dough:

  • 9 oz/255g Starter @ 100% hydration
  • 17 oz/482g  water
  • 1 lb 10 oz bread flour (for 2 oz of the bread flour I substituted 2oz of whole wheat flour )

Mix together into a thick dough and allow to autolyse for 30 minutes.

Then to your thick dough add:

  • 4/113g oz evaporated  milk
  • 1 oz/28g oil
  • 1 oz/28g malt syrup
  • .7 oz/1.8g salt
  • 9 oz/255g bread flour

Get in there with your hands and get this mix into a nice smooth dough or place all the ingredients into your dough mixer and mix until the dough is well incorporated.

You will have 4 lbs 3 oz of 65.3 % hydration dough.

Allow your dough to ferment at room temperature for five hours and then refrigerate overnight in a covered container. During the ferment time, I folded the dough three times.

Next morning, take out your container of dough and warm it up, either at room temperature or (what I did) place the container, still covered, into a kitchen sink with a few inches of warm water. I folded the dough once during the hour it took to warm up my dough.

Take out 1 lb 10 oz of dough to make a loaf of bread. Shape your loaf and then place it into a banneton and allow it to final proof. My dough took three hours. Bake as usual in a preheated oven with an oven stone, at 450F. As usual means to slash and spray your loaf with water, then cover your dough with preheated roasting pan lid for 20 minutes while baking. After the 20 minutes is up, take off the lid and brown your loaf for 10 – 15 more minutes. Cool. The bread looks like this:

Two hours after shaping my loaf, I made up the Breakfast and Lunch Foldover Pockets:

Divide your dough into four pieces and roll them into a ball. Allow them to set for 10 minutes and then roll them into flat rounds about six inches in diameter. Now take each dough piece one at a time and make your dough pockets.

Roll into rounds:

Then into small circles:

I used what I could find in my refrigerator. I had some mini pepperoni slices in my freezer which I used, also I fried up some mushrooms, onions, bacon and had some leftover Tater Tots. I also used some Swiss cheese, marinated Mozzarella cheese and some Provolone cheese.

If I were making these for me, I would have also added chopped red pepper, fresh spinach and whatever other veggies looked good to me {I am a girl- 🙂 }. Anyway, be creative, you could fill these pockets with anything savory or sweet. Cinnamon apples and pears would be nice too… yummm! Your creativity is the limit.

Roll your dough out to about 10-11 inches and then fill:

Breakfast Foldover Pockets:

Pizza Foldover Pockets:

Crimp the edges with your finger to seal. Spray the dough with a spray oil. Then allow the pockets to proof for 1.5 – 2 hours. When ready, slash, spray with water, cover with a hot roasting pan lid and bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes. Then remove roasting lid and bake for another 15 – 20 minutes or until browned and the cheese is bubbly. Cool for a bit, these can be really hot when coming out of the oven. Serve and eat while still warm. I think you will have some happy men in your life…  🙂


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