Sourdough Doughnuts

June 7 2006

Sourdough Doughnuts

I fried up some sourdough doughnuts last evening for this mornings breakfast. The doughnuts were sweetened with malt syrup and spiced with nutmeg and vanilla.

I used Northwest starter, mixed up the dough and let the dough proof the first time for four hours. Knocked down the dough and rolled it out 1/2 inch thick. I cut slices one inch thick, twisted them several times and pinched the ends together. I found out that cutting the slices 1.5 inches thick was better.


After placing the doughnuts on waxed paper which was sprinkled with flour, I let the doughnuts proof for two more hours.

doughnuts proofing

Then I fried up the dough twists in hot oil and covered with sugar or powdered sugar.

The doughnuts were surprisingly non greasy which I find great as I don’t like squishing grease when I bite into a doughnut! I think they will freeze nicely. This was a successful sourdough recipe! I will make them up again to be sure of all ingredients and then will post to the “Special Recipe” folder for those who subscribe to it. Here is the final outcome:

Final outcome

I have to feed my starters and think about baking bread, I am almost out!



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