Making it a one night sourdough…

I am trying the Two Night Sourdough again with the extra added whole wheat flour, and I am doing it a one nighter instead. I have the loaves on the table proofing and almost ready to start baking. I started the recipe last night and let the sponge set overnight. This morning I took out the sponge and instead of building up the dough during several stages, I added the rest of the ingredients all at once. I did the bulk fermentation for only four hours and it was doubled! Then I added the salt, which would have slowed down the fermentation if I would have added it sooner. It also makes a coarser crumb when you add it sooner in the process, and that is terrific if you are doing a San Francisco style, but I am not aiming for that this time. The dough is incredibly spongy and bubbly. There is an great difference over last time when I added the flour and water in stages (Remember it overproofed last time).I am making one 2 lb boule, two 15 oz small french style loaves and one 1 lb.2 oz. loaf in a bread pan, which I will turn out on the stone. I made 5 lb 7 oz of dough altogether.  

Here are the formed loaves proofing:

dough proofing 

Here are the first two small loaves out of the oven:

two loaves

Here is the batard loaf:


Isn’t there a terrific difference in color compared to the last batch which was overfermented?

The boule loaf I had to put into the refrigerator to keep it from proofing too fast as the loaves all wanted to be ready at the same time. I baked the smaller loaves first, the batard second, and then the boule.

Here is the boule:


You will notice that on the left side it looks lopsided. There is a reason for that:


Blowout! After putting it into the fridge to keep it from proofing too fast, I didn’t let it warm up enough before baking….so it had a blowout!

Here are all of the loaves together:

all loaves

Here is the crumb of the batard:


This was a lower hydration dough, so I didn’t expect larger holes. The crumb has a nice soft chewiness. The bread is very good and tasty, just a little sour… but…it lacks the knock your socks off flavor of my overproofed batch. So…back to to the drawing board!


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