Motherdough Again…

I started a new recipe yesterday with motherdough added again. I just can’t help liking the extra color, smell, and flavor of the longer fermented motherdough. I went ahead and made up a Basic White Sourdough recipe and added motherdough and 1 Tablespoon of Malt syrup to the mix. Unfortunately, I believe I overproofed on the first proof slightly.

I think if I would have knocked down the dough one hour sooner, I would have had an optimum dough. So it was a little bit sticky from being overproofed. I poured it out on a floured surface and kneaded it for a little while to try to correct the stickiness. It felt better when I was done and then I made it into four loaves.

I made two larger loaves and two smaller loaves. The recipe also had the cracked wheat thrown in, as I like some texture. The overnight ferment in the refrigerator worked out great. It took about two hours for the morning proof.

Here is the first loaf at 2 lbs.:

First loaf

Here is the second loaf, it was one of the smaller loaves at 1lb 11 oz:

Second loaf

Here is the third loaf at two lbs:

Third loaf

Here is the fourth bread at 1 lb 11.5 oz:

Fourth loaf

Here are all four loaves together:

All loaves

I will post some interior pictures later after they cool.

Here are some pictures of the interior. I expected the crumb to be more fine with this lower hydration dough than I usually work with. I seem to still have gotten some large end holes that are usual with high hydration motherdough breads:




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