My daugters bake sourdough…

I was kicked out of the kitchen last week! My two eldest daughters wanted their turn at baking up some sourdough. First Rochelle baked up some of the Coastal loaf, she likes that recipe and made it before. She is still a little nervous around wet dough, so she added more flour and made a lower hydration version. It turned out delcious, but she was a little disappointed that it didn’t have a larger holey crumb. I told her not to worry if her fingers got a little sticky, but she didn’t like working with wet dough. Here are her loaves:

Rochelle's bread

She did not take a picture of the crumb, which is disappointing, because even though the crumb was not very holey, it was a very nice looking crumb.

Next my daughter Natalie made up some of her favorite One Night Sourdough. She also added the 1/2 cup of Rye and got a really nice sour flavor with her bread. She made three two pound loaves that came out very well. She also kneaded in more flour as she shaped the bread but was more comfortable with sticky dough and handled it pretty well. Here are her loaves:

Natalie's sourdough bread

She was proud of the crumb and took a picture:


The bread is almost all eaten up by now, so I have a batch of a new recipe coming along today. It is a lower hydration dough with sifted Whole Wheat flour, some sifted Rye flour and some boiled cracked wheat nubbins.


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