San Francisco # 3 again!

I tried doing up a basic white batch of sourdough bread with San Francisco # 3 again. I wanted to try the recipe at a higher hydration. So I made sure the dough was softer and higher hydration than the last time.The dough responded well with a six hour bulk ferment. The shaping went fine. I took the dough out of the refrigerator this morning and it was very proofed already. I have misgivings when it is ready right out of the refrigerator because I know from past experience that it is hard to get the dough to proof right when this happens. The proofing was okay for the first loaf, perfect for the second loaf and overproofed for the third loaf, which sagged and is a sorry sight. I am thinking that this starter may like less starter in the mixing and a lower hydration to be an optimum dough. So I will adjust next time to see if I can achieve a nicer loaf with those changes. The flavor is wonderful and the oven spring is okay, but the wetter dough just wasn’t right and proofed too fast and “felt” wrong for this bread. I am also having problems with my Fibrament stone being too hot still. I have moved it up in the oven, and now I have lined the bottom with aluminum foil. This means I have to heat the oven a lot longer so the stone is hot enough through the foil bottom. Once I do get it hot enough, usually by the second loaf, I seem to get a better oven spring. I will admit that the firebrick I had seemed to be a better stone for bread baking, but I needed a larger stone to fit my bread on. It may be that the size of the stone is such that the heat is directly hitting the bottom too much and not circulating enough. An oven fan would be nice especially a small one while the oven was heating. Anyway, here is the bread I baked today:

SF # 3


two loaves

Ahh… if you must see the well overproofed one:

overproofed loaf

I shall try try again…I am after that perfect loaf!


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