Sourdough Malted Rye Loaf

rye in a pot

I have some malted Rye berries that I thought I would put to good use 🙂

I made up a preferment using Northwest Sourdough starter and some of the Malted Rye berries along with Rye flour, Whole Wheat flour, some Caraway seeds and some dried Onion flakes. 

Malted Rye preferment

I let the preferment set overnight. Next morning, I added the other ingredients, mixed, autolysed and let proof. Then I had a large doughball weighing 7 lbs 3 oz ! I made a lot because I wanted some large hefty Rye loaves of around three pounds each. Here is the dough:

Rye dough

Here are the pieces of dough divided and bench resting.

dough divided

I then shaped the loaves and put them to proofing in their bannetons. I made up two loaves weighing three pounds and the small loaf weighed 1.3 pounds. After the proofing, I baked the loaves with the smallest one being baked first. I used a roasting lid to hold in the steam from the dough and the bread came out great:

first loaf

By the time the first loaf was done, I had a problem, the other two loaves were both ready to go in at once. So I was able to fit them both in the oven at the same time, but I put the round one in my cast iron pot, which was preheated, and the other one I had to put in without covering because there was no room for the large roasting lid. Here is the outcome:

rye in a pot

Malted Rye Sourdough

Here is the other three pound loaf:

second three pounder

You can see that the loaf isn’t shiny like the first and second loaf. That was because it received spraying, but no cover to hold in the steam. I went ahead and spread butter on it to give it some shine. Here are all three loaves:

all three

The round loaf didn’t have as much volume as it should have because I missed my aim when I flipped it into the cast iron pot, and it deflated somewhat. Here is a picture of the crumb:


The malted flavor came through really nicely and the bread was proclaimed to the the very best ever by my oldest daughter. The crumb stayed nice and moist for several days due to the fact that I also added some malt syrup. I have added this recipe to the Special Recipe folder for those of you who are subscribed to it. This recipe will make 47 sourdough recipes in the Special Recipe folder to date.


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