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Pumpkin Sourdough!

Pumpkin Sourdough Bread

I have been working on my sourdough book all Summer. I have been having so much fun! I want especially to thank those of you who have offered to help test the recipes. I am still only doing a limited amount of testing as I am not ready for full blown testing yet. If any of you wish to add your name to the list of those willing to test recipes, just drop me an email at :[email protected] and I will put you on my list. You can be any level of baker, but it is important to have a digital scale, a baking stone, a sourdough starter, and understand at least the basics about sourdough baking.

(Updated to add: Those of you that bought, “Discovering Sourdough,” will find these recipes in the books. Thank you! Oct 2012)


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