Third day Lone San Francisco Loaf

I was working on a long fermented loaf at a lower hydration. I made up a stiff biga type dough for the first overnight ferment. Next afternoon I added the rest of the ingredients, bulk fermented and then just when it was an hour or so to shape loaves, it was discovered that someone had forgotten to buy hamburger buns! Rather than run out again to the store, I went ahead and used up half the dough for hamburger buns.

Hamburger buns

They were quite a success, and I was very pleased with the results. I continued with the rest of the dough by shaping a nice loaf that was over two pounds. I refrigerated the loaf overnight. Late the next morning, I baked up the lonely, all by itself loaf :

San Francisco Loaf

The proofing was a little rushed and I wish I had had another half hour, but it came out pretty good anyway:


This was a wonderful recipe using SF # 4. The dough handled really well, the flavor is exceptional and the crumb has the gelatinized open chewiness that is so good in a sourdough. I will try the recipe again, however I have a one night sourdough fermenting right now. (Low on bread because of the lonely loaf!)


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