Today, Sourdough English Muffins

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Today I made Sourdough English Muffins! There is no English Muffin out there as good as a Sourdough English Muffin baked fresh on your own griddle! I mixed up the dough early in the morning and it was stickier than regular dough:

dough mixed up

This is how sticky the dough looked when it was poured out:

dough poured

I rolled the bubbly dough out about 3/8 – 1/2 inch thick:

rolled out

I used a large screw band for cutting the English Muffins:

cutting out muffins

I cut 33 muffins and laid them out to proof for two hours:


This is what the English Muffins looked like when first put on the griddle:

on the griddle

This is what they looked like just before flipping over:

half cooked

Turned over:

Muffins turned over

The first batch looked like this:

first batch

Here are the English Muffins done, with a whole pan of them already eaten!:

finished batches

Here is the yummy finished product:


These Sourdough English Muffins are so delicious fresh off the griddle or toasted later, yummmy!


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