Ideas for Summer Breads


Breads for Summer

Are you feeling it’s too hot to bake bread for summer? Don’t give up! There’s lots of ways to bake bread in summer. Flat breads are fun to bake and you only need a hot skillet, griddle or even a barbeque!
So why not plan on some sourdough tortillas for dinner, filled with home baked beans, chopped cabbage, red peppers and sour cream?

Then there’s always, pulled bread. Take a piece fermented dough and just pull it into an irregular shape, then pop it on a hot griddle and griddle it on both sides until it’s done. This kind of bread is so good served with butter and some honey or home made jam.

Or try some wonderful griddled English Muffins:

I’ve made barbequed bread in the past as well. Fire up your barbeque, put the heat on medium low (or adjust to suit) then bake your dough in a loosely fitted aluminum foil cover. I spread butter on the foil first, sprinkle it with various spices and seeds, then lay a rolled log shaped dough on the spices/seeds, roll up the foil (leaving room for expansion) and then crimp the ends tightly. Put the whole thing on a barbeque and bake until done. You might have to experiment to see how long you need to bake for the size bread you have and how hot the barbeque needs to be. This bread is super scrumptious and super fun.

How about baking a pizza on the barbeque? Use a skillet and place your small pulled dough onto the heated skillet, cover and set on the barbeque grill until done. You can add some toppings before or after but if done before, keep the toppings light as the heat will have a hard time penetrating if the toppings are heavy.

You can also whip up some Pi Li Li’s and fry them. They are small tasty doughnuts. Something you can quickly fry and not have to heat up your oven.

Do you have any other fun ideas for summer bread?

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Have fun baking everyone, even it’s a bit hot out!



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