My Chubby Baguettes


I was asked to add a baguette formula and “how-to videos” to my new Udemy Course. It took me a few weeks to work out a formula I liked. I did four different iterations but was unhappy with the outcome until the last experiment. Then I hit pay dirt! The taste is beyond fantastic!  The dough is 70% hydration, a bit easier to handle for a newbie baker than the wetter baguettes now popular.


I decided to call them Chubby Baguettes because they were a bit larger than the 250 g standard sized baguette. I can only fit a short length baguette on my baking stone like the rest of you home bakers, so I wanted a bit more to the baguette. The result is the Chubby Baguette:



I will only be adding a few more formulas, over time, to the course and  I plan to start a new course. Udemy suggests that the course not be so long that the student despairs of ever reaching the end. My course now has five+ hours of videos and 75 lectures. When I finish adding the Chubby Baguettes and the other formulas I have planned, it will be quite large. So I hope to be starting a new course soon. (Edited to note, I have added the baguette formula and the lectures now total 84).


Playing with Baguette baking is so much fun and when you are done, it is either awesome or ….start over. There’s not much of an in-between. I had problems with three of my bakes until I just switched out my flour.

Sometimes it is just the flour.

I remember that even while feeding my sourdough starter it looked funny. So something was up with that particular bag of flour. Who knows? I am just glad I switched it. If you ever find yourself thinking you can’t bake anymore… just switch your flour, you might be surprised at how good you are at baking again!


I plan on mixing up a batch of skinny baguettes with the same formula, only I will divide the dough into four pieces to make the classic sized baguette. Stay tuned!


I have a Father’s Day Special going on for my course right now (until June 21), the discount link is here: (Edited, I updated this coupon, it’s still good for Father’s Day this year (2017)!

Bake Real Artisan Sourdough Bread Father’s Day Special



Have fun baguetting!




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