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I would like to give a shout out to a new web site! My friend and terrific baker, Barbara Elisi has a wonderful new bread site that  you must check out. It is called Bread and Companatico. She has brought together several professional bakers as regular contributors, such as Don Sadowsky, a passionate home baker who has his own column called “Ferment,” and accomplished professional baker,  Beesham Soogrim.


All three are regular contributor to my own Facebook group, Perfect Sourdough, where if you do a search on their names, you can find many photos of their amazing breads. Other “bread aficionados” will be contributing  informative articles in future posts as well.


Hugging the dough


You can already find great information on her site where there are several interesting categories such as interviews with bakers, reviews of bread books, formulas and much more. Barbara is a passionate bread baker who bakes very professional bread in her own home kitchen in Sweden.


There is a sign up available so you don’t miss any new posts.

Here is a post to get you started:


Holey crumb


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