Rye Sourdough with Nuts and Seeds

I love rye breads, I love chewy breads filled with yummy things like seeds, nuts, dried cranberries, cracked grains, etc. Lately I have been craving some rye bread with some good grainy nutty things in it. So I came up with a bread high in rye flour but with plenty of white flour to make handling and baking the dough easier. I filled it with yummy grainy things and ….. I am happy! I made up two loaves and I usually share, but, not this time đŸ™‚

I froze the second loaf because the first loaf tastes so good, I couldn’t bear to share any! On the forum this month we have a rye contest going on, so if you are interested in baking with rye and sourdough, you might want to check it out here. You could win a rye starter and a handcrafted Koa wood lame.

Rye Nuts Sourdough

This dough makes 4 lbs 2 oz of dough at 69 % hydration

Start with a preferment:

  • 4 oz/113g vigorous starter @ 100% hydration
  • 16 oz/453g water
  • 12 oz/340g rye flour ( I ground my own, it would be a dark rye flour)
  • 2 oz/56g cracked grains, either wheat berries or rye berries cracked
  • .2 oz/5g salt

2lb 2.2 oz @ 112% hydration

Stir all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Cover the bowl and allow the mixture to ferment overnight.

Next day, stir the preferment once in the morning and allow it to ferment until the afternoon, like around 2:00 pm. Now using the preferment, make your dough:

  • All of your preferment
  • 8 oz/226g strong coffee- cooled (decaf coffee is fine)
  • 1.5 oz/42g dark molasses
  • .5 salt/14g salt
  • 18 oz/510g Bread flour
  • 4 oz/113g assorted seeds/nuts ( I used sesame seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and chopped walnuts)

Stir all the ingredients together to make up a sticky dough. Allow the dough to ferment at room temperature for 4 hours, folding the dough three times during fermentation.

Divide dough into two pieces, shape and then place into  bannetons. Cover the bannetons/dough with a plastic bag and then refrigerate overnight.

Next morning allow the dough to warm up and final proof to about one and a half times it’s original size. This took three hours for my dough. Slash, spray and cover with a roasting lid in a preheated 450 degree oven for 25 minutes (on a baking stone of course). After the 25 minutes, remove the lid and allow the dough to brown up for another 15- 20 minutes, turning the oven down to 425 degrees for the last part of the bake. Remove your beautiful loaf and allow to cool completely. For the next loaf, remember to turn up the oven heat to 450 degrees again before baking.

This bread has loads of wonderful flavor and a great chewy crumb filled with grains, nuts and seeds……..yum!! It is terrific in the morning toasted with plenty of butter or cream cheese.

This week has been coooooolllldd but sunny. I have been able to get out on my bike.

It is great to bake when it is cold outside, it’s also nice to take a long hot bath followed by a slice of yummy sourdough and a cup of hot coffee. Stay warm!


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