Salt Fermented Sourdough … Again

I am in someone else’s kitchen, with only some of my usual equipment, a “new to me” oven and I am back to baking! I baked up some Salt Fermented Sourdough which we have talked about here before.  It is a 60% hydration dough retarded with the use of salt. It bakes up into some great loaves.

The seed dough takes about a week to get sour enough, it is different than a motherdough. Then you make up the dough and depending on how long you ferment this dough, it gets as sour as you like it. However, you have to watch the timing and keep notes because once it gets too sour…. it bakes up dense.

The crumb is surprising light and airy for a 60% hydration dough.

When you work with this dough, you have to allow a VERY long time for the final proof. It took this dough six hours at room temperature to final proof. As the dough gets more sour, it takes longer to proof. You just have to be patient!

I am so happy to be baking again!  Teresa


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