Something the Same Something Different

Today I bake up something the same… Basic White Sourdough… and something different…but we will get to that later. I mixed up some Basic White Sourdough yesterday and meant to shape the loaves and put them into the refrigerator. But sometimes things happen! I got too busy and couldn’t get to the shaping, so I put the dough into a large bowl and out on the enclosed cold porch. It was around 50 degrees. I didn’t have enough room in the refrigerator. Next morning the dough was looking nice! :

Basic White Dough

I made up enough dough for three loaves, however, for Breakfast I decided to do something different. I took one third of the dough and using 3 oz pieces of the dough, I made “Fried Bread”. Now it isn’t really fried bread because you don’t fry it, you griddle it. My husband’s mother would often make this bread from a batch of dough she had proofing. She would pull off pieces of dough, pull and stretch out the dough in irregular sizes and throw them on the griddle. I have been asked several times if I would try to make up some with my sourdough. So I did. Here are the dough pieces cooking on the griddle:

Dough on griddle

I griddled them at around 375 degrees. I didn’t pay any attention to how long they took as I put them on one by one as I pulled them into flat shapes. I watched them and turned them as they got brown. They smelled wonderful cooking. They are not thin like pancakes, and you don’t roll them out, so they have thin areas, and thick areas. They puff up and cook pretty quickly, it doesn’t take too long. These would be great for camping! Here are some on a plate:

Fry Bread

They are crispy in some spots and chewey in other spots. Fry Bread is wonderful with lots of butter, jelly, honey or cream cheese. You ought to try some next time you mix up a batch of Basic White Sourdough! YuMMMMMY! My husband declared that they tasted better than the yeasted ones and that they were lighter and fluffier in texture, with nice sized bubbles.

Oh yea, I almost forgot the “Something Same”…. I baked up the Basic White Bread later in the morning. Here it is:

Basic White loaf 1

Basic White loaf 2

Sorry about the dark pictures. We have had a lot of rain and storms and not much sun. When I try to take pictures indoors, I have a hard time with the lighting. I probably need a lighting box!


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