Sour Vienna White?

Yesterday I got up early and mixed up a batch of Vienna White bread. It is so terrific tasting especially when you use motherdough in the dough. I added 1/2 cup of Rye flour to the batch, as you by now know my inclination towards using a bit of Rye here and there. I have the recipe for this Vienna White posted on the Recipe section of the forum: 

I have posted a blog about doing up this Vienna White before. Anyway Vienna White is a great loaf to do as a one day sourdough. Here is the dough already bulk fermented and ready to pour out:

Proofed dough

I divided the 5 lbs 12 oz of dough amongst four loaves and put them into the couche:

in the couche

They proofed for two hours and the first two loaves went into the oven. The oven was preheated for over an hour so the stone was pretty hot. However the first two loaves were slightly underproofed and needed more like 2.5 hours to be perfect. They presented a disappointing picture as the dough was mottled colored, the slashes gave way and didn’t become defined, and they were somewhat flattish.

Here they are:

first two

The second two loaves came out great, the color was well developed and the loaves sit up high and the slashes are well defined. The pictures don’t show these attributes too well, the breads look somewhat similar in pictures and the lighting isn’t good. Here are the second two loaves:

second two loaves

The baking time was the same and the temperatures were the same for both sets of bread. I am bringing this to your attention because it has happened often before especially with dough that is all proofed at the same time so that the first two loaves are always proofed less and you can see the difference with the loaves that are proofed correctly compare to those that are even slightly underproofed.

Here are all four loaves, the first baked are on the left:

all four loaves

all four loaves


Vienna White usually comes out with a soft fine crumb and is mild flavored, however, with the added Rye flour, the crumb was chewy, holey and has a pronounced sour tang, even for a one day bread!


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