Sourdough Baking Techniques 3 – Assorted Baking Techniques


This is the third and last post in a series where I put together some collections of Sourdough Baking Technique videos. This post will cover Assorted Baking Techniques.  I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of videos and resources  in one post so that you can bookmark it or share it with a new baker. However, one post would be too long, so I am breaking it up into three posts. The first post in this series dealt with techniques for dough, how to make a sourdough starter and motherdough starter, feeding your starter, folding dough, etc. You can find it here:  The Dough. The second post in this series is called Baking Equipment Ideas and covers how to make your own lame, cleaning bannetons, using the Baker’s Percent on the KD8000 baker’s scale and many links for baking equipment.

This post is about Assorted Baking Techniques and is the last post in the series.


Baking Techniques 3 : Assorted Baking Techniques.

Hacks for keeping your bread dough warm:

Quick review of baking with steam in the home oven:

Kinds of things you can do when baking at someone else’s house:

Roasting Pan method of Baking (similar to the one above):

Ideas for making your own outdoor baking oven, with Kiko Denzer:

One of the most sought after video playlists on my channel: 

So there you have it, three post with collections of videos and link that might be handy to keep bookmarked. Please share with your baker friends on social media. I will add to these  posts when I have new videos that fit in each collection.


.I hope that these collections of videos and links are helpful for you. Please share them on FB, Pinterest or Twitter if you know bakers who could use them.

See the first post here: The Dough, and the second post here: Baking Equipment Ideas. 

Happy Baking!


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