This month has been a pizza month in this household. Earlier I made a morphed pizza dough using both a  starter (natural levain) and commercial yeast. It is featured on
A Morphed Pizza Dough The dough is silky soft, easy to work with and makes wonderful pizza dough.

This pizza features a combination of toppings which include white cheese, spinach, mushrooms and blueberries. There was no sauce, but a garlic white sauce would have worked great.

This pizza was a hit. The blueberries were a slightly tart addition, making the pizza unusual and interesting.


In this family that I am now living with and working for, there were several birthdays this month including my own daughter’s birthday.

Birthday Pizza party


So a large party was thrown for everyone’s friends and the lady of the house (Hannah Adams Collier) decided she wanted home made pizzas as the main dish for the party.  I was the pizza cook, so I made up a double batch of the Morphed Pizza Dough recipe, which made six pounds of dough, enough for four large pizzas.


The plain cheese pizza was in the oven in this picture.

Hannah decided on the toppings and we ended up making a plain cheese pizza, two pepperoni pizzas and a really tasty (my favorite) Gorgonzola, dried tomato, over olive oil pizza.



The pizza dough handled well over the long waiting time to go into the oven and it did a terrific oven spring. I used parchment paper for the pizza and transferred the finished pizzas via peel, to the very hot baking stone. I had the oven heated as hot as it would go (500F).


Plain cheese pizza, half without sauce

If you have been following this blog you would know that the oven here is broken with the bottom element not working. To get the stone really hot, I had to turn the convection fan on and put the stone at the highest level right next to the broiler element. That is how I am baking my bread as well. Try baking bread using only the broiler element if you think it is easy!!!


Pepperoni pizza...of course!

Gorgonzola cheese, sundried tomatoes over olive oil pizza



So now that you are definitely in the mood for pizza….. you might want to try the morphed pizza dough, I think you will like it!

Again, you will find it featured on Pizza Quest at: “A Morphed Pizza Dough


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