A Visit to the Splash Cafe (Artisan Bread and Bakery goods)

I made a visit to the Splash Cafe in San Luis Obispo, CA today. Wow, was I in for a surprise!  Outside the cafe it said it was also an Artisan Bakery. So of course I went inside.When I am out and about, I always buy local breads to taste test.  This was a good stop. The deli/bakery has a very welcoming pleasing atmosphere. The glass covered counters were filled with delicious looking pastries and cookies. I searched for the bread which took me to the front counter. There was some containers filled with chunks of bread samples. Yum! I tried a few samples. All of the samples were delicious! Very fresh tasting, great chewy texture and a soft custardy crumb. I was very pleased.

Cranberry Walnut Bread:

There were two types of Pesto bread, a Cranberry Walnut bread, a bread with fresh veggies on top and Sunflower seed bread available today. I decided to buy the Cranberry Walnut bread, as those of you who are long time bloggers here know how much I like that combo. I also picked up a loaf of Pesto bread.

Pesto Bread:

Then I decided to sample the one bread I had not sampled yet, and that was the Sunflower bread. OMGosh! I had to have a loaf, it is so delicious!!! So I walked out with three loaves of bread and two pastries, a blueberry and peach danish.

Sunflower Bread:

I wished I would have asked the name of the young, pretty lady who helped me out, because she was just so nice and helpful. She answered my questions and was very pleasant. She told me that everything was made with the freshest ingredients and without preservatives. She helped me select my danish and bagged my purchases all with a terrific smile. I certainly felt like a valued customer.

If you are lucky enough to be near to a Splash Cafe, you would do yourself a huge favor to stop in and try out any of their delicious bakery goods. They also serve sandwiches made fresh and hot coffee to go with their delicious danish. Great job, Splash Cafe!!

Splash Cafe 1491 Monterey, San Luis Obispo, CA


My online store is closed right now as I vacation with my family in California.

Merry Christmas everyone! Eat lots of holiday breads!

Me in California in December, notice the roses and sunshine!!


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