What we’ve been doing during Christmas week!

For Christmas week our family went camping on the leeward side of Hawaii, the Kona and Kohala coast. Gee swimming in the warm, aqua blue waters off the coast of Hawaii at the end of December, life is so difficult! 🙂 We went swimming and snorkling as well as hiking. It was fun. We also toured all the way up the coast to the end of highway 270.

It was breathtaking and you could see why they ended the road there.

Before leaving I put a batch of the Power flour, the High Gluten Flour (from Pendleton Mills) dough into the refrigerator. When we got back, I shaped, proofed and baked it, it was four days later. The gluten had held up and was still strong! The dough made terrific bread. However, it wasn’t too sour and this was pretty close to the same dough that I did the Power flour experiment with which came out really sour with only one to two days in the refrigerator. The difference may have been that I bulk fermented at warm room temperatures for the sour loaf and for the long fermented vacation batch, I just made up the dough and put it into the refrigerator.

Four days fermented Power Flour dough


Oops! Large holes, I had better work on my shaping!

On the first loaf, the bread stuck to the proofing basket and kinda flattened out. That is the loaf with the large holes. The second loaf had terrific oven spring and the holes were much better distributed.

Merry Christmas everyone. As the sun goes down on another year I hope that the coming year is filled with many great loaves of bread from your kitchen.

Sunset at Spencer Park


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