A Winner!


Chocolate Cinnamon Babka



There was a main dough for making the Babka dough and several variations for presentation. I tried the Babka loaf done in a loaf pan and the Kranz Cake Babka, there is also a variation done in coffee cake style done in a bundt pan. The Kranz Cake Babka was done in a spiral twist which looks really nice. Peter also has great recommendations for many alternate  filling suggestions.


Kranz Cake Babka with Cinnamon and Chocolate:

Kranz Cake Babka

Babka Crumb

Babka Crumb

The Loaf pan style Chocolate Cinnamon Babka:

Babka Loaf Pan Style

There are many good recipes in Peter’s new book – Artisan Breads Every Day, but I can tell you this bread is already a family favorite.

So we are really celebrating two winners here, Lisa (congratulations) and this terrific bread, Chocolate Cinnamon Babka…. a real winner!


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