Sourdough Tortillas?!!

Sourdough Tortillas

Need a fun recipe to help use up the extra sourdough starter?  How about sourdough tortillas?   Something fun –If you want a chance at a free sourdough starter, read to the bottom of this post.–

To make 3 lbs of dough add together in a medium mixing bowl:

  • Sourdough starter – 9 oz/ 255g @ 166% hydration (see note below if you are using 100% starter)
  • Water hot from the tap or about 130F+–11 oz/314g (must be really hot)
  • Oil – 1 oz/ 28g
  • Salt – .4 oz/11g
  • All Purpose Flour ( I used Gold Medal this time)- 1 lb 11 oz/765g

Note: If you are using starter @ 100% hydration:

Convert your 100% hydration starter to 166% easily by: 

Combine 191 grams of starter at 100%hydration and 63 grams of water, you will have approximately 1 cup/ 9oz ofstarter at 166%.

191 grams (100% starter) plus 63 grams of water = I cup/ 9ounces/254 grams (of starter at 166% hydration)

Or to make it easier for those using a 100% hydration starter: Add 191 grams of your 100% hydration starter and 377 grams of water and continue on with the rest of the formula.

To Make Sourdough Tortillas:

First weigh  your starter into the bowl, then your oil and salt. Next add the hot water and flour. Get your hands into the bowl and mix the dough real well with your hands. The dough has an interesting feel to it and seems more wet than its 54.7% hydration. Once the dough is well incorporated, cover the bowl and let the dough set for 20 minutes.

Now divide the dough into 12 pieces which weigh around 4 oz each. Roll the dough into little balls. Cover the dough pieces with a slightly damp tea towel
. Heat a heavy bottom 12″ skillet on medium heat, don’t let it smoke. Now take each ball one at a time and with great timing, sprinkle your surface with flour and roll the ball out to about 5 inches.

Then let it rest while you roll one or two more balls to the 5 inch size . Now go back to the first ball which has had a chance to rest and roll it out (sprinkle flour as necessary to keep the dough from sticking) to about a 10 inch diameter circle.

Roll out to 10″

Once you accomplish this, flip the dough into your hot heavy bottomed Tramontina skillet and let the dough bubble up on one side then flip it again and let it bubble on the other side. The tortillas shouldn’t be cooked too long or they get like a cracker or cardboard. Once your beautiful tortilla is done place it on a plate and cover it with a kitchen towl to keep warm and stay soft.

Tortilla Bubbling Up

Then get your next tortilla into the pan. I roll out a few tortillas and have them waiting in line to cook, it takes a bit of timing to keep everything going. The reason you roll out the dough in two stages is because if you try to roll the dough out to 10 inches right away it will resist your efforts, so the rest period helps the gluten to relax again for the final stretch! 4 oz dough balls make a thick tortilla.

If you wish a thinner tortilla, use 3.5 oz of dough and roll it out to the 10 inch diameter circle, it should be almost see through. After you are done cooking up your lovely stack of tortillas, serve them with fresh butter, beans and whatever else makes your meal complete.

Fresh Homemade Tortillas

If you want to see an extended ferment version of this formula see HERE.

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Have fun eating your tortillas!


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